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unspun® is the brainchild of designer Agnete Samdahl who has a lifelong passion for the beauty of the natural world and mankind's part in it.

The way in which the sheep’s wool fibres felt together to form an almost unbreakable bond is in itself close to magic. Harnessing this innate behaviour of the fibre for design, and bringing this natural phenomenon into our homes and work spaces, is an exciting journey.

In partnership with her husband, once a sheep farmer, Agnete has drawn from a group of experts comprising of felt industry specialists, design engineers, machine fabricators and textile industry professionals to build the world's first, high capacity, 'pressed felt with embedded design' production line. This required not only the sourcing and repurposing of available industry equipment, but also the development of new machines to accommodate the intricacies of the design process.

It took over four years of research, investigation, analysis and a fair bit of trial and error to complete a system of production that could deliver a consistent volume to a density and quality of industrially produced wool felt.

unspun® is the only felt mill in the world to produce handcrafted design felt to industrial strength and quality. While the UK had a strong felt industry since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the last producer shut its factories in the 1980’s. unspun® has brought the production of traditionally made pressed felt back to the UK.

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