heather hills - MacBook
heather hills - MacBook
heather hills - MacBook
heather hills - MacBook

heather hills - MacBook

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Created in nature - Crafted by hand - Made to last

A perfect snug fit for your 13” MacBook Pro and the new 13” MacBook Air, keeping it safe when out and about.

A beautiful laptop sleeve, providing good protection with a minimum of extra space requirement. 

This design is made from 3mm 100% Merino wool felt to provide a snug fit for laptop size 32.5cmx22.7cm.

No metal or hard materials that could scratch or damage. Slide the laptop into the sleeve, tuck the flap in, and you’re ready to go. 

The friction of the felt ensures the laptop stays securely protected without any separate closing mechanism, whether in your bag or carried by hand. The seams are strong and the opening is reinforced with a rigid linen band to prevent any stretch.  The sleeve also makes a great pad for when working on a hard surface. 

Unlike most other materials, proper wool felt is water repellent and has a natural wicking ability. This means that, even on a hot day, it will not be slippery in your hands. 

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