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  • Nature doesn't make duplicates, neither do we.

  • naturally bespoke

Nature doesn't make duplicates, neither do we.

naturally bespoke

Wool felt, designed by nature, for life.

Born before fashion was even thought of, felt is a high performance textile, re-crafted by unspun® for the 21st century.


  • ...for you

    Style is individual, none of us are clones, so why would you want a carbon copy of what somebody else has?

    unspun® collections are defined by design expressions and colourways but no two items are ever identical - when you take ownership of an unspun® design it's yours alone. 

    unspun® products are like pets - you actually want them to have a long life because they become part of yours. After all, a bag is not just for Christmas!

  • ...for life

    Life can get frayed at the edges but our rugs won't! Made with the design built into the felt there are no loose ends.

    Nature has selected wool to insulate sheep from extreme temperatures - our coasters will protect your surfaces from the same.

    unspun® felt sleeves keep your wine protected, portable and at the temperature you want for longer - so now no need to lose your cool!

  • ...for performance

    The unspun® Mono Saddle Pad is a breakthrough for rider / horse contact and comfort.

    This first, genuine single-piece saddle pad is now available for dressage, jumping and gp saddles following extensive trials and testing. The Mono pad is designed for the serious and competition rider whose horse works and sweats hard [and also for those who just want their horse to look really good!].

    The contoured fit, compression protection and moisture wicking ability of our single-piece wool Mono Pad is in a class of its own.


Who knew wool felt could make such a difference? The girth strap can be soaking wet with sweat, but underneath the Mono it is almost dry. Superb wicking! Oh, and it is also an exceptionally beautiful saddle pad. Five stars from me! 

Jenny K.

My new wine cooler is absolutely stunning — the colours work so well together and it really does keep the wine cool!

Alex J.

I LOVE my laptop cover.  Great colours and lovely workmanship. Thank you so much. I am delighted.

Deborah W.

I love my handbag and use it every day. It stays on the shoulder, the design and beautiful colours are unique, and I get compliments for it all the time. Best of all, it is a natural and sustainable product and British made.

Philippa D.

Our staff love their unique branded laptop protectors. Great product and service!   

Christian B.

My laptop has found its perfect home! A nice snug fit and the flap tucks safely onto itself so it doesn't fall out. I love the mesmerising design!

Manuela W.
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