...the history of felt

The original textile

Wool felt is the oldest known textile and many cultures have legends as to the origins of felt making. It was most likely discovered many times in many different places - when early humans used wool to protect their feet, when they laid a new born baby down to sleep, or placed a felted fleece around their shoulders to throw off a snow storm.

This, the first use of textile, was a precursor to the largest economic, aesthetic and cultural evolution mankind had ever experienced. For off the back of the wool trade in the millennia to come, humanity amassed the wealth that built the modern world.

Felt making is still employed by nomadic peoples in Central Asia such as the Mongols and Turkic peoples of the Altai for clothes, tents, rugs, horseblankets and many others. In the Western world, felt is widely used by a variety of applications in industries across all sectors.


Examples of felt use over time...


 Pazyryk saddle blanket ca 300BC

Mongolian yurt             

         traditional Sami boots

industrial polishing discs     

         unspun® felt products

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