...a circular economy product

Wool felt is a textile for the circular economy: created by nature, a delight to use and made to last. At the end of a long and useful life, it can be recycled or composted.

If there is damage from the normal wear and tear, we offer a repair service. Please contact us if you want any further information about this. 

Our products are made to last and we want you to continue love using them for a long time, but all good things come to an end. Return it to us when it has done its duty and it's ready for retirement. When you return your old unspun products to us, we will give you 10% off on your next purchase from us. 

Depending on how worn it is, the felt can either be reused, recycled or, as our felt is 100% natural fibres, be composted. As wool is mainly made up of water and nitrogen it breaks down and releases valuable nutrients into the soil. It can be used for both composting and mulching as it helps the soil retain moisture, limits evaporation and helps prevent weeds from germinating and growing. 

Our process creates very little waste - smaller off-cuts are made into smaller products to ensure almost everything is used - and what there is can be returned to enrich the soil.

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