...our process

As the world's only producer of design felt with embedded design, our machinery has to accommodate the special requirements of the creative and handcrafted part of the process. 

The wool is scoured, dyed, carded, and layered into a batt. Design is then added… 

Due to the innate willingness of wool fibres to bond to each other when exposed to a combination of moisture, vibration, and pressure, they form a soft but cohesive felt fabric. All fibres and layers are now completely merged into one. Silk, and other fibres that do not felt by themselves, are embraced into the felt with the same force as the wool fibres.


The soft felt is then milled in our custom-designed and custom-made machinery. 

Milling continues until the felt is as strong, firm and dense as is required for the end product. It is then steam pressed.

It can then be cut to any shape and made into all kinds of functional, beautiful, and supremely tactile felt products. 

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