Product care & cleaning

Wool felt is naturally dirt repellent and require very little care. 

For normal cleaning of anything dry or dusty, just shake, dust or vacuum with a soft brush when needed. If exposed to any wet dirt - let it dry completely before brushing or shaking off. A sticky lint roller can also be useful to remove any light dry soiling.

Felt is naturally water repellent and water-based liquids will stay on the surface for a short time. If possible, quickly blot it off with a dry cloth before it is absorbed. If too late for that, use diluted detergent for wool and gently dab the solution into the stained area, blot off with a dry cloth and repeat again with water. 

Wool felt can be hand washed or machine washed on wool setting. However, due to the natural elasticity of wool fibres, full water saturation will change the 'ironed' surface appearance of pressed felt. Use a professional dry cleaner to avoid this if a more thorough clean is needed.

Any products with leather components, such our handbags with leather handles, can not be washed and will benefit from an occasional treatment to avoid the leather drying out.

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